The All-New MEATER 2 Plus


Introducing the brand new cutting-edge Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer.

  • Direct Heat Grill up to 550°C. Now you can leave the probe in the meat over an open flame while cooking and searing.
  • Wireless technology: equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 Coded PHY Long Range
  • With Smart Temp™ Multisensor technology, MEATER 2 Plus finds the true lowest temperature of your meat, guiding you to the perfect meal.
  • Waterproof: deep fry and sous vide cook, then clean it in the dishwasher.
  • Fast Charging: by the time you finish exploring the MEATER app, you're charged for your first 2-hour cook. A short 15-minute charge is enough to last 12 hours.
  • Accuracy: lab tested through a 3-point calibration process, the sensors are ±0.1°C, and each MEATER 2 Plus comes with a Certificate of Calibration.

Live Your Best Life

A MEATER Lifestyle focused on simplicity, family and peace of mind.

Direct Heat Grilling

With Flame Guard design, the probes ambient temperature limit is 550°C. Open fire grilling, deep frying, high heat searing... the world is yours.

Bluetooth 5.2 Coded PHY Long Range

The latest in Bluetooth technology to give you extended range and more freedom from your grill.

Smart Temp™ Technology

Five internal sensors help you find the true lowest temperature of the meat.

Knowing the lowest temp = knowing you will have perfect results.

Certified Calibration

The product is rigorously tested through a custom-designed 3-point calibration process, ensuring the most advanced and accurate measurements.

Each MEATER 2 Plus comes with its very own calibration certificate

Sleek, Chic, Elegant

Leveled up tech, durability, and specs, all packaged in a thinner probe.

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