How long can it be kept before cooking and after cooking??
As a FRESH bird in your fridge it will last up to the use by date on the Turkey. Once COOKED it will then last up to 3 days.

How do I store my turkey?
Always store your turkey in the fridge. If you have not cooked it please keep it covered with the greaseproof paper. After cooking store in containers for freshness.

Should I stuff my turkey?
My mantra of “If you start with a quality ingredient, it doesn’t need any help to make it taste great” applies here. I would strongly recommend that you do not stuff your bird as this lengthens the cooking time and then overcooks the turkey. That's not to say you cannot stuff it, it will just take that bit longer

How do I know if my turkey is cooked?
Using a meat thermometer is great for peace of mind, when it reaches temperature, 75'c, it’s done. Double check by putting a carving fork in the thigh and if the juices run clear, it is cooked. Once removed from the oven, leave it to stand for up to 2 hours to allow the meat to relax, it will not go cold and this gives you time to roast everything else.

How many people will my bird feed?
Allow approximately 450g per person for an average meal, which will leave a little left for sandwiches.

Should I cover my bird with foil during cooking or when leaving to stand??
This question gets asked of me a lot. I do cover my turkey with tinfoil while cooking to give a more even cook. When the bird is cooked then take it out of the oven and take off the tinfoil, then loosely cover the bird again with tinfoil and then covered in two T-Towels to keep the moisture circulating.