Our Story

The Art of Butchery

Brendan Kerrigan sparked his lifelong butchery passion at 13, eventually opening his own store in Dublin's Donaghmede Shopping Centre in 1973. Decades later, Kerrigans transformed into a key provider of health-focused foods across Ireland, a shift led by Brendan's sons, Shane and Barry. Shane, starting in 1985, and Barry, in 1993, with their sister Brenda, contributed to the family business, which notably modernized in 2007 to become Kerrigan's Craft Butchers. Emphasizing traditional butchery with a twist, they introduced ready-to-eat meals and healthy options. The major pivot came in 2015, with Kerrigans expanding to deliver nationwide, meeting the growing demand for nutritious, protein-rich products.

Foods for Fitness

Barry Kerrigan credits the birth of his daughter and his fitness journey for sparking interest in nutrition, leading to Kerrigans' "Foods for Fitness" range. Initially creating easy-to-cook chicken and turkey burgers for themselves due to the lengthy meal prep, they discovered customer demand for quick, nutritious meals. After positive feedback on free samples, they launched their fitness-focused product line in 2013, aiming to keep diets interesting. The popularity grew through word-of-mouth and social media, driving people across Ireland and eventually from the UK to seek their products. Despite initial hesitations about online sales, a trial in November 2015 led to selling out, prompting them to officially launch their website in December 2015. In 2016, they shipped 10,000 boxes nationwide, doubled production in 2018.

  • Brendan Kerrigan

    Brendan Kerrigan began his apprenticeship in 1955 and fell in love with the butchery profession straight away, he has installed this passion and pride for the craft of butchery into his 2 sons, Shane and Barry, who now run the business.

  • Barry Kerrigan

    Barry Kerrigan began working in the family business in 1993 at the tender age of 15. His creative side quickly shone through as he has been at the forefront of the ever evolving business including the Foods For Fitness range which launched in 2013.

  • Shane Kerrigan

    Shane came on board the now family business in 1985 as an apprentice, learning from his father’s years of experience. He is involved in every aspect of the business.

Our main focus in Kerrigan’s Craft Butchers, is to provide the best possible produce and service to our customers so anything you require please just ask and one of our specially trained staff will be delighted to help you.

Kerrigan's Quality

Our butcher shops provide high-quality meats at the best value in Dublin, benefiting from our award-winning craft butchery skills and the Certified Craft Butcher standard. With over 40 years of experience and numerous awards, we're committed to offering the finest meats, all 100% traceable from local sources. Our beef undergoes a 21-day ageing process to enhance flavour and tenderness. We also cater to modern lifestyles with our easy-cook, ready-to-eat, and heat-and-eat ranges, including low-fat and gluten-free options. Additionally, we offer sauces, pickles, and condiments to complete your meals, making shopping both economical and convenient.