Help Us Pick Our Next Burger!

At Kerrigan's Foods For Fitness we need your help! Our turkey burgers have become the nations favourites, shipping them to every corner of Ireland. Our customers love them because they're super tasty, lean and bursting with protein. Not to mention there's 12 delicious flavours to choose from.

So we've been hard at work coming up with ideas for our latest burger. We've narrowed it down to awesome 4 flavours so we need your help in picking the next one to join our range of award winning meats. So let us know by voting below which one you'd love our team of craft butchers to start making! The burger that gets the most votes will join the club. Thanks!


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"Our main focus in Kerrigan’s Craft Butchers is to provide the best possible produce and service to our customers so anything you require please just ask and one of our specially trained staff will be delighted to help you." 

Barry Kerrigan