Where to start with food ?

Where to start with food ?

Barry Kerrigan |

We recently asked Larry Doyle who has trained and provided eating practises for literally thousands of people this simple question....

Where should people who are starting on their fitness / fat loss journey start with food ?

Here is what Larry had to say ...

Making it (whatever it may be) as simple as possible will be crucial to making it stick.

The main staple in any fitness journey will be protein, so let’s start there.

Protein in its Greek origin translates to “Proteios” or of first importance.

With out getting bogged down in the finer details and data spreadsheets, simply start by having a decent serving of protein at each main meal of the day, when constructing a plate, think “proteios”.

What should I have as protein source ?
Allow your preference to dictate here, what protein source do you enjoy the flavour, texture and taste of, the one you may enjoy eating a little more frequently…. Play around with different types and varieties if unsure.

Personally for me its Kerrigan’s infamous Turkey burgers, super handy to cook when in a rush can be eaten hot or cold, and the insane flavour variety , means my taste buds wont go too dull in a hurry.

How much protein should you have ?
Theres another reason I picked the Turkey burgers, as far as portion control goes, a palm size serving of protein is great as a starting place for each meal. Conveniently , a turkey burger is about the average palm size,  as a general rule of thumb (or should I say palm) is 2 palm size servings for guys, 1 palm size serving for the ladies, the lads generally will have higher  muscle mass needing more protein than their female counterparts.

Roughly a palm size serving of protein will give us 25gm’s, along with other protein sources in the day and foods containing proteins, this will see us bolstering those proteins nicely.

You don’t need to pick a turkey burger, just look at your palm, and fill it with a protein you love to eat and you are good to go. Maybe check out the Larry Doyle bundle pack, we’ve added our LD favourites to a bundle so you don’t have to worry about choice or decision paralysis.

The huge benefits outside of muscle repair and recovery, will be the positive impact protein has on our satiety, immune system, detoxification and hair skin and nails too. 

So not only will you build muscle feel fuller for longer, lose body-fat, you’ll have a mane like a stallion, nails like steel and glowing skin…. Wins all round.

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