Wellfest 2023 Recap!

Wellfest 2023 Recap!

Shane O'Brien |

Beautiful weather, good people, and better food!  What more could you ask for during the 2023 Wellfest Event at Royal Hospital Kilmainham Dublin.  This year we were pleased to welcome and service hundreds of hungry customers looking for the finest Wagyu Beef and Pork bred from the island of Ireland along with the freshest Chicken & Turkey.

Knowing the importance of getting the right nutrients and fuel into your body is why we love doing these types of events.  Every year we learn so much and love to be able to give back!  The people are what make Wellfest so special and being able to see so many individuals committed to their health and well being while looking into the importance of mental wellness was fantastic, we were happy to get these inspirational advocates of fitness the top quality food and ingredients in Ireland.

Excited and inspired by the various fitness influencer's and social media platforms in attendance our team made sure to put on an amazing display of our the best meats and poultry we have to offer.  Whether it was starting the day off right with our delicious and filling breakfast bap or ending the festival with a pure Irish wagyu beef burger and some crispy chips to get you fueled for the rest of the weekend, we were ready! 

The stories and conversations with many made this a very enjoyable time for our team and we look forward to seeing many of our valued customers in the near future!


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