Wagyu Tomahawk Steak


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Our Tomahawk steaks are carved from the beef fore rib – the same primal section as any other ribeye. It’s a very thick (at least 2 inches) steak.This cut will include the longissimus dorsi (eye of ribeye), spinalis (the ribeye cap), and the complexus.

The signature, extra-long bone is left whole and attached – and trimmed for beauty in a way that’s called “Frenched.” This means the bone is expertly cleaned of meat and fat by our master butchers. This resulting masterpiece resembles a ‘handle’ and that resemblance is where its namesake originates – the tomahawk axe.

It’s the steak you see when you close your eyes and dream. It’s the steak that Fred Flintstone ate. It’s over the top. Larger than life. The ultimate. Our 35oz Tomahawk ribeye steak is perfect for sharing with friends – use the long bone handle to enjoy this luxury steak yourself… caveman style.