Spicy Turkey Burger

The Spicy Turkey Burger - One of our most popular products. We combine lean turkey meat with chilli powder, turmeric and jalapenos to give an extra kick to your metabolism (and taste buds!). This tasty burger is gluten free, dairy free, low fat, low in sugar and high in taste. It can even be eaten cold on-the-go, after cooking. Includes a Whopping 23g of protein per burger.

Turkey Meat (95%), Kerrigans Burger Seasoning (Rice flour,Dextrose,Salt,Cornflour,Spices,Onion Powder Preservative : Sodium Metabisulphite E223 (Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)) Dehydrated Peppers Antioxidant E301 E331 Herb) Jalapeno Peppers (Green Jalapeno Peppers (45%), Water, Spirit Vinegar, Salt), Turmeric, Mixed Herbs.

Calories 120kcal Carbohydrates
Total Fat 2.1g of which sugars 
of which saturated  0 .5g Protein 
Salt  0.57