Oatbean Curry x 2


Oatballs by Pulled Oats® (Water, oat 19 % (oat bran, whole grain oat flour, steel cut oats, oat protein, oat extract), pea protein, faba bean protein 8 %, rapeseed oil, white wine vinegar, onion powder, vegetable juice concentrate (onion, carrot), iodised salt, natural flavouring, yeast extract, black pepper, thyme, all spice, nutmeg. Coconut Milk Onion Red , Green Pepper Spices (paprika, coriander, garlic, ginger, fennel, cumin, turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper), salt, onion, potato starch, tomato, lemon juice powder, MUSTARD seed, coriander leaf.) (Mustard).

Nutritional Per 100g

Calories : 178

Fat : 9.6 Of Which Saturated : 6.3g

Carbonhydrates : 6.9g Of Which Sugars : 2g

Protein : 13.6

Salt : 1g