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Fresh Whole Guaranteed Irish Chicken


Our Class A, 100% Irish whole chickens are naturally plump and full of flavour. Perfect for your next family roast or cooked on the BBQ ( Beer Can Chicken Style ) We source our chickens from Manor Farm who in our opinion are the leading Chicken company in Ireland.

That means a great chicken, fed on a natural diet, with all the flavour and texture you would expect from such a bird. A lovely chicken for roasting for the whole family with plenty left over for sandwiches and bones for a rich stock, you can't beat a good Irish chicken. 

Serves: 4-6 people.Choose from Whole , Spatchcock , Boned & Rolled or Boned & Rolled & Stuffed (Sage & Onion Stuffing) Check out our Spatchcock recipe here 

Irish Chicken 

Energy kcal 177 kj742

Protein 27.3g

Carbs 0.0g

Fat 7.5g

Saturated 2.9g

Sodium 0.10g

Salt 0.25g