Kerrigan Meats

Boneless Leg of Lamb


Our new boneless leg of lamb cook-in-the-bag makes creating a delicious dinner so easy! We marinade it in the bag with rapeseed oil, rosemary, garlic, thyme and lemon juice, giving a succulent, delicious joint of lamb. To cook simply pop the bag in the oven for 25 minute at 200c and you're done! This takes all the hassle out, ensuring a tasty, delicious cut of lamb perfect for all occasions. Our lamb is 100% Irish and matured for longer to ensure absolute tenderness. Weight: 1kg Feeds: 4 people

Boneless leg joint (97.1 %), Marinade (80% vegetable oils (rapeseed,sunflower,linseed),salt,herbs(basil,oregano,rosemary,thyme,parsley,dill,lavender),vegetables(garlic, tomato),peppers, flavourings.) (2.9 %)