Our New Turkey Burger is now available online!

Our New Turkey Burger is now available online!

Dylan Redmond |

Kerrigans turkey burgers have been a fan favourite amongst our customer for quite a while now. We take pride in experimenting with different flavours, and push ourselves to deliver the tastiest combinations

So what's in our new turkey burger?

To make the perfect tasting turkey burger, a lot of thought goes into the balancing of flavours. For our Black Pudding & Thyme turkey burger, we have put together a glorious combination of turkey mince, black pudding seasoned with thyme and brought to life with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice. 

The lift of the fresh lemon and fragrant thyme gives the burger a real zing! Then the hearty punch of black pudding gives the burger a mild and slightly sweet kick to balance out the whole burger.

The Best Flavour combinations

If you are new to our turkey burgers, then you are in for a treat! Our burgers are SO versatile that you can have them with a range of sides. You can eat our turkey burgers on their own, in a bap or combine with sweet potato fries and a fresh salad.

Black Pudding & Thyme Turkey Burger

Burger in a Bap

If you are a fan of having your burger in a bap - then keep it simple and don't overcomplicate it. Let the ingredients do the work.

If you're having our Black Pudding & Thyme turkey burger in a bap try it with;

- 1 Kerrigans Black Pudding & Thyme Turkey Burger

- 1 Burger bun

- Lettuce OR Spinach

- Plum Tomato

- Choice of cheese (Cheddar Or Gruyere), melted under a grill

- Choice of sauce (Traditional ketchup or a splash of Franks Hot Sauce)

Black Pudding Turkey Burger Salad

Burger Salad Combo

That said, some people want to cut out the bread in their diet and prefer a turkey burger salad combo. And who could blame them as it's equally as delicious! So, what are the best sides to add to your plate to accompany our black pudding & thyme turkey burger? We suggest the following;

- 1 Kerrigans Black Pudding & Thyme Turkey Burger

- 250g of Kerrigans sweet potato fries

- Mixed leaf salad (can be purchased in most supermarkets)

- Cherry/sunblush tomatoes for salad

- A sprinkle of balsamic vinegar for the salad

Where can I purchase Kerrigans new turkey burger?

Our Black Pudding & Thyme turkey burger is now available to buy on our online store here. OR if you're looking to add into a bundle - then you can check out our most popular turkey burger bundle here. We hope you enjoy our new addition to the turkey burger family and make sure to send in your dish creations!