How to Stay Healthy on Holidays

How to Stay Healthy on Holidays

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With the Bank Holiday kicking off tomorrow many of us are packing up and getting away for a couple of well earned days off. Holidays are great for recharging the batteries, bonding with family and friends, absorbing a bit of sun and, of course, getting out of shape. Nothing like a weeks in Majorca and the wine, steaks and ice-creams that go with it to make you feel a little blotted. But fear not! We have a couple of strategies that will help you stay lean while still enjoying every moment.

Food, glorious Food

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I know it might seem tempting to go hell for leather with lots of pizzas, burgers, chips, ice cream and nachos but if you indulge like this everyday you're going to be feeling sluggish and, well, a little ill. By participating in a pre-holiday cleanse your body has become more adapted to healthier foods and may not react too well to your holiday treats. Instead, why not try enjoy some healthier choices whilst you're away like fresh seafood, lean steak, chicken, veggies and fruit. Not only are you still enjoying good, local food but you won't get bloated after and you'll save yourself hundreds of calories! Of course have the odd day of indulging on your favourite treats but just try not do it every day whilst your away.

Fresh Air!

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There's no better time to get in some outdoor exercise than when you're soaking up some vital vitamin D abroad.  Whether its taking long walks on the beach, sightseeing, water sports or swimming, try get up and moving everyday. These activities will not only keep you feeling fresh but will also increase your daily calorie expenditure and will in turn definitely help with holding back the holiday pounds.

A little bit of training...

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Now going to the gym everyday is not everyones cup of sangria but if you can get in a quick sweat session to set up for the day you're winning.  If there's a gym in your accommodation then your laughing but don't fret if there's nowhere to pump iron -  even a quick body weight circuit will get get you sweating and feeling ready to take on the day! Why not give this workout a try:

  • Body weight squats x 20 reps
  • Alternate lunges x 20 reps
  • Plank x 60 sec
  • Jumping jack x 60 sec
  • Press up x 15/20 reps ( if beginner you can use knees until you build up more strength)
  • Jog on spot 60 sec.

The Booze.

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Holidays mean one thing - booze in the sun. Most of us can't resist a glass of pinot grigio at lunch but try be sensible with your tipple of choice. Things like ciders, cocktails and alcopops may taste great but they all come with higher sugar and calorie content. Why not try opting for lower calorie drinks such as prosecco, a light beer, gin or vodka with slimline tonics, soda waters or a low cal mixer.

Frankie Says Relax!

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Lets not forget most of us go on holidays to get in some "me time" and relax. Make sure you maximise your trip away by doing things you enjoy and find de-stressing for you, so if it's reading a good book by the pool, long walks on the beach, sleeping or even a massage make sure to get plenty of it in and recharge those batteries.

After The Holiday

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It can be hard to try and get back into the swing of things after taking a break. So use your time away to plan your next week, month and even year. There's no better time to get the creative juices flowing. Use the time to contemplate your goals when you're not dealing with the madness of day to day life at home. Obviously don't focus on this for the whole holiday but rather at moments when you have a bit of quiet time. It can ease the anxiety of coming home and who knows what bright ideas will spark?

Have a great break!

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