Live Home Workout with Núla & Barry

Kerrigans and FitGirls are teaming up next Wednesday morning for a fun, sweaty workout and we want you to join us!


Personal trainer and FitGirls Founder, Núla is going to take us through a 45 minute full body workout that you will be able to do from the comfort of your own home and you won't need any equipment!


And the best part? One lucky person who takes part on the day will have a chance of having their Christmas dinner Turkey looked after by Kerrigans!


So if you are keen to get a sweat on and make your next hump day a great one, sign-up below and we'll send you the login details next Tuesday.

When: Wednesday 25th November - 6:00am
Where: Live on Zoom!


Look forward to seeing you all there! Subscribe to the workout in the form below.