Venison Burger

This unique and tasty burger combines lean venison meat with chopped tomatoes, red onion and parsley giving a burst of great flavour. 

Venison meat (77%),Kerrigans Burger Seasoning (Rice flour,Dextrose,Salt,Cornflour,Spices,Onion Powder Preservative : Sodium Metabisulphite E223 (Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)) Dehydrated Peppers Antioxidant E301 E331 Herb).Sun-dried tomatoes(rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes (57%),sunflower seed vinegar,sea salt,natural flavouings,garlic powder,sugar,black pepper,acidity regulator:latic acid)Red onion,parsley,water.

Calories 101.21kcal Carbohydrates 5.84g
Total Fat 1.69g of which sugar
of which saturates  0.6g Protein
Salt 0.82