Sweet Chilli and Kale Burger


Using Guaranteed Irish Turkey and the classic flavour of sweet chilli with added fresh Kale we have created this tasty satisfying Turkey burger.Did you know Turkey is a source of the amino acid tryptophan which creates Serotonin within our bodies.Serotonin is known as our natural mood stabilizer and sleep promoter. It is made from the amino acid l – tryptophan :))


Turkey Meat (90%),Kerrigans Burger Seasoning(5%)[Rice flour,Dextrose,Salt,Cornflour,Spices,Onion Powder Preservative : Sodium Metabisulphite E223 (Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)) Dehydrated Peppers Antioxidant E301 E331 Herb]Sweet Chilli Sauce (cane sugar, water, pickled chilli [21%], rice vinegar, garlic, tapicpca starch, salt, xanthan gum), Kale, 

Calories 121.7kcal Carbohydrates
Total Fat 1.51g of which sugars 
of which saturated  0.45g Protein 
Salt  0.84