Run head first into 2022 and get all your fitness goals smashed.

Run head first into 2022 and get all your fitness goals smashed.

Barry Kerrigan |

Well that’s the festivities over for another year. Myself, Mrs. K and the kids have had a wonderful time together. All our family have eaten, drank and merried ourselves through the holidays. But now we are facing the same dilemma as half the country. The new year, new me outlook. Wanting to shed those pounds from all the Christmas overindulgence and how to go about it. 

As you know at Kerrigans, we are big into our own fitness. Myself and Mrs. K workout together, which helps with motivation. We also have the help of our coaches and even our brand ambassador Larry Doyle to spur us on. He has a great podcast and a few episodes about mindset and getting out of your comfort zone that will help anyone struggling to get started. You can find all Larry’s podcasts here - Always remember to follow your own desires, only start something if it is the right fit for you. You should always be comfortable in your own skin and not have anyone say otherwise.

For those of you that are in the mindset of starting, then we have you covered! The exciting news is that this new year, we are launching a new product to our clean meals collection. Introducing Simply Fit Foods!

This line of ready made meals is feel good food on the move. Delicious foods, made from wholesome, natural ingredients, that fuel busy, active lifestyles. Simply Fit Foods was born when founder Luke was diagnosed with a heart condition back in 2016. Luke’s diet was an essential part of his recovery and he needed nutritious food to get him fit and healthy again. The problem was there were few options available that were tasty, healthy and convenient. So he started making his own. Taking inspiration from family recipes and a taste for traveling. The entire Simply Fit Food range allows you to take back control of your health. All the dishes are made using quality, real foods that taste great and make you feel good. It’s simply "good for you" food, that you can enjoy on-the-go. See the entire range here -

But that’s not all, we have a full range of foods and supplements to choose from in all our stores. Our clean meals collection also has the Purepower range.

Purepowers philosophy is that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, and eating healthy should always be accessible. So when you’re up against the clock; whether at work or in the home, we’ve got you covered!

At PUREPOWER they make it their business to know and understand where their ingredients come from. They create meals that their customers love using the best and cleanest ingredients. They are health conscious but they never compromise on taste. They believe this is what separates them from their peers.


Also introducing Kinetica Supplements! - 

Kinetica recognises that everyone, from the marathon runner to the weekend footballer, the gym goer to the triathlete, has a ‘why’; the reason they do what they do.

That burning desire that makes you push yourself and prove yourself. Everyone’s why is different. And everyone’s why matters. Whatever drives you, is your business. Kinetica's business is to get you safely to your goal by being your ‘how’. We are delighted to introduce Kinetica to our online store. You are sure to find something in this collection to suit your nutritional needs, so that you can surpass your goals!

So let's run head first into 2022 and get all your fitness goals smashed with the help of us here at

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