Siobhan O.H: BK to the Stage

Siobhan O.H: BK to the Stage

Barry Kerrigan |

We speak with fitness sensation Siobhan 'OH' O'Hagan about her journey to the stage and how Kerrigans Foods for Fitness helped her get there. 

"I remember I used to make my own turkey burgers. Turkey mince was lean and high in protein but tasted awful so I would add spices and I would try to use egg whites to hold them together but they never really turned out well. I used to see the lads I worked with in the gym walking around eating what looked like cookies. When I asked about them, they told me they were Kerrigan’s turkey burgers. I scoffed. “You buy them? You know you can make them yourself?” Although I knew my home made attempts would never hold together if I tried eating them like that!

I can’t remember the first time I tried a Kerrigan’s turkey burger but all I know is that once I did, I never again attempted to make my own. Chicken breasts became a thing of the past. Everyone around me was eating them. I met Barry Kerrigan in the gym and told him how much I loved them. He suggested running a competition on my page in exchange for some burgers. Happy Days! He was in the process of coming up with some new flavours and as I became hooked, he asked me for my input and the first OH Fitness Turkey Burger was born.

It’s hard to describe the feeling when you get your first turkey burger named after you! My parents were proud. My friends told me they were tasty and I was only delighted with myself.

Food prep is always a task nobody really likes doing but for me, I had to make sure my food tasted good or else I would feel restricted. But often, making tasty food in bulk is tedious and messy with sauces etc. I think this is why the Kerrigan’s turkey burgers are so popular. They are super easy to cook in bulk (I usually grill them on a George Foreman or my new Optigrill), they can be eaten hot or cold and they are portable. Team them with a source of carbs and fat (my favourite being sweet potato fries made with coconut oil) and you have a balanced meal that tastes amazing.

Siobhan combined our turkey burgers with sweet potato and salad.

When I decided to prep for my first bikini competition, I thought that meant the end of tasty food, including my turkey burgers. I had visions of plain chicken breast with rice and greens. I thought I would have to suffer!

But my coach - Amanda from Recalibrated Bodies - let me follow a flexible approach to my diet all the way up to 4 days out from stage. This meant I was able to choose my own food to given macros. My turkey burger of choice was the BK Flamer as they are full of flavour and lowest in calories. The odd time I might mix it up and have an NBF flavour (Natural Born Feeder by Roz Purcell) or an OH Fitness (Hiya) but I would say I consumed around 300 BK flamers on my competition prep! When it came to the last 4 days of prep, my coach cut all seasonings from my diet so unfortunately I was on the chicken and asparagus diet and it was hell! I don’t know how people do it for any longer.

I didn’t know what would happen but in my first ever bikini competition. I told myself that, whatever happens, I’ve enjoyed my prep and never felt restricted. I was absolutely shocked to take second place. I was so happy! I went mad and ate so much chocolate the next day but I was dying to get back on track and get back on the turkey burgers!

Siobhan came 2nd in her very first competition.

I’ve had so many meal prep companies approach me and offer to cook all my food for me, to my given macros but for some reason I can’t say yes. I just love the flexibility of the whole range of Foods For Fitness from Kerrigan’s. I love everything from the turkey bacon and sausages to the Fakeaways but also the flexibility to plan my own food because the macros are on everything.

I really appreciate the support Barry Kerrigan has given me since I first met him so I wanted to write this to show my appreciation. And if you haven’t tried the Food For Fitness range yet - you need to! They deliver to all of Ireland and now even to the UK!"

Use code  ‘OHFITNESS10’ for 10% off your next order. You can follow Siobhan's amazing journey on Instagram here. You can also sign up to one of Siobhan's awesome fitness courses here.


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