Kerrigans Sign A Deal With Coolboxsolutions

Kerrigans Sign A Deal With Coolboxsolutions

Barry Kerrigan |

We are delighted to announce we have just signed a deal with Colin Rowland - Director of Coolboxsolutions to bring the most innovative cold chain/Insulated box ever made to the Irish market.

Their environmentally friendly, ethical packaging solution proves that products can be just as strong and cleaner than plastic and other non-kerbside recyclable products.They have proven to us in our testing that quality doesn’t need to come at the detriment of the environment, and making the switch from non-kerbside recyclable and plastic-free packaging is now a reality.RecyCoolBox® is made purely from paper. Not only is it totally kerbside recyclable, it is also sustainable, compostable, biodegradable and organic packaging that is super strong structurally.

Up to this point we had failed in finding a solution that ticked all the required componets we needed in a cold chain shipping box 

  • Hold temperature for a min of 48 hours 
  • Fits into our pricing structure 
  • Is efficent to put together for our team
  • Is strong enough to go through the couriers network of conveyor belts and the manual handling of their staff 
  • Presents its shelf well to our customers on arrival
  • Keeps our products safe through the journey
  • Is fully recycable with a small footprint 

Barry our MD says "Its taken us a long time to reach this point and we are delighted that Colin and the team at Coolbox Solutions had the foresight and the expertise to bring this innovative box to the market - I think our customers will love it"

Contact Colin or vist CoolBox Solutions to grab some samples 


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Well Done Little Bro !!!
If it can hold you then it should be strong enough :)

Brenda Kerrigan,

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