Health & Fitness while Parenting

Health & Fitness while Parenting

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Parenting is a tough job, when your trying to fit in everything on a daily basis while running around after little people, sometimes you forget about your own health and fitness. As a mother of 2 I know the struggle so I am going to give you some tips on getting in shape and losing weight while still keeping up with your parenting duties and daily life!

1) Treat yourself like a child...

Think of your self as your own child (sounds weird? stay with me!). As parents we are so diligent with our children's diet, for example we don't want them eating too much sugar, we encourage fruit and vegetables, we want them to eat lovely home cooked meals BUT when it comes to our own diets we aren't so careful. Sometimes picking at highly processed, quick snacks seem like a good idea when your rushing or takeaways every weekend when your too tired to cook. I think as parents we need to learn to love ourselves a little bit more and put the same time and energy into ourselves as we put into our kids. So cut down on processed foods and think fresh, nourishing food choices that include fruit, vegetables, lean meats and fish.


2) Exercise isn't just for the kids.

Again when it comes to exercise we're so quick to sign our kids up to all sorts of activities but fall short on planning exercise for ourselves. Which I understand can be tough when you feel you have a list of more important things to do as well as going to work for a lot of us. So you need to plan out your day and set aside even 30 minutes for yourself to get some sort of exercise in; maybe it s a walk on your lunch break, a class with friends in the evening, or some home circuit training. Not only will you feel so much better both mentally and physically, you are setting a great example for your kids!


3) Set some goals!

Set some goals - whether its fitting into a pair of old jeans, running a marathon or increasing your strength - when we have clear goals we are more likely to stick to them, so I always encourage clients to set up weekly, monthly and yearly goals to keep you focused.


4) Sustainability is key.

Last of all if you are changing your food and exercise habits make sure its sustainable. So many people choose strict diets and training routines in a bid to lose weight or get fit as fast as possible, and what happens is you burn out and give up. So absolutely improve your diet but leave some room for occasional treats. As well as this exercise but do not feel you need to train for 2 hours a day in the gym. Pick a lifestyle and choose balance, not only will you be happier, you are also showing your kids a great way of living and setting them up for a healthier future.


Aoife is a Foods For Fitness Ambassador and founder of Pixie Fitness. She is a fitness and well-being consultant who loves exercising, nutrition and her family! Follow her journey at or on Instagram here

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