Top 11 Powerfoods You Can't Do Without

Top 11 Powerfoods You Can't Do Without

Barry Kerrigan |

Looking to get bigger and stronger but aren’t sure what you should eat? In this article we give you the lowdown on the top 11 powerfoods for size and strength so that your diet is all taken care of.

There has never been a truer saying than “you are what you eat.” If you eat the good stuff, and feed your body with both macro and micronutrients, you’ll feel great. If, on the other hand, you eat junk, your body will feel pretty lousy. You’ll find it hard to even get out of bed, let alone get to the gym.

But when you want to bulk up and feel strong, it’s simply not enough that you eat well. You also need to eat powerfully.

There are so many foods to choose from that cater for different goals. So if you’re not sure what to put on your weekly grocery list, let’s take a look at the top 11 beastliest power foods for maximum size and strength.


#11 Eggs

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Eggs are a bastion of muscle. Anyone with just a passing interest in bodybuilding will have heard the stories of muscle-men downing jugs of raw eggs. If that sounds pretty unappetising, the good news is that you can eat eggs any way you want and still reap all the seismic benefits.

Eggs were given a bad rep a few decades back when their cholesterol content was linked to chronic disease. However, the cholesterol catastrophe is over, and eggs are recognised as being true champions of power. Bursting with high quality protein, they work on your muscle and cell integrity, and they also help to regulate your testosterone levels so that they don’t plummet.

You can’t do much better than poached eggs with spinach. Speaking of which…


#10 Spinach

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You gotta have some greens, right?

Spinach has a bit of a colourful history. As kids, many of us grew up watching Popeye’s bugling muscles with envious eyes, fully believing his claim that a tin of spinach had blessed him with such mountainous biceps.

The truth, however, is that the studio who financed Popeye were victims of a printing error. The companies selling spinach in the 1920’s actually misplaced a decimal point, thus making it look as though spinach was richer in muscle-boosting nutrients than it actually is!

Still, that aside, spinach IS good for size and strength. Rich in an amino acid called glutamine, spinach enhances immune function and muscle growth.

It’s also super healthy.


#9 Brown Rice

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Brown rice might not seem like an obvious choice for beefing up, but it’s on the list for its energy-boosting qualities.

After all, to get big you need enough energy to be able to power your way through a workout each day. Brown rice helps, as it contains fibre (a key nutrient that’s missing from animal products), which puts the brakes on digestion and supplies you with enough energy to keep lifting.


#8 Lamb

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Lamb is a great choice for people looking for a change of pace from chicken and beef. It seriously tasty, is a high-quality protein source and containing all of the essential amino acids needed for the body’s growth and maintenance.

Lamb steak, oven cooked sweet potato fries and a glass of Chianti…dinner sorted.


#7 Broccoli

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As it turns out, it isn’t just meat that keeps your testosterone levels soaring. Broccoli also does the trick. This is thanks to it containing a photochemical that converts to diindolymethane. It might sound like a rubbish Greek footballer but diindolymethane reduces estrogenic effects and gives your testosterone the proverbial shot in the arm.

Athletes love broccoli. It’s time to add it to your weekly shopping list.


#6 Salmon

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A bit of a gourmet fish, and one of the best-tasting foods on this list, salmon is both good for powering you up and keeping you healthy. It’s one of the rare meats that are super-rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which, as well as boosting your brain power, also boost your muscle strength.

Also, your body has a remarkable way of burning omega-3s for fuel, which means your muscle glycogen is spared. The result? Bigger muscles.


#5 Tuna

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Tuna is a bodybuilder favourite due to being absolutely loaded with protein, is incredibly lean and, like salmon, it’s loaded in omega-3s. Available in cans, it’s ideal as a snack in-between meals. But for the real McCoy get yourself a juicy tuna steak and throw it on the BBQ.


#4 Walnuts

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Like tuna, walnuts make for an awesome snack. And like tuna and salmon, they’re also rich in those vital omega-3 fatty acids. Described as the king of tree nuts, a single ounce also contains four grams of protein and 18 grams of good fats. They’re also incredibly calorie dense so ideal for gaining mass.


#3 Lean Beef

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Beef is the classic muscle building food that has stood the test of time. And for good reason! It contains everything you need to help those aching muscles grow – B-Vitamins, amino acids and creatine. As an added bonus red meat has also been shown to help anxiety and stress.

Beef is also jam-packed with protein and it comes in so many tasty forms – steak, burgers, beef stir-fries, bolognaise and chilli con carne to name just a few. Who said eating healthy is boring?


#2 Chicken

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Chicken is the corner stone of every gym buffs diet. Loaded with protein, this bird is super convenient and low in fat.

For even more convenience check out our Seasoned chicken fillets ‘cook in a bag’ range. With a choice of 4 delicious flavours, simply pop the cooking bag into the oven and in 20 minutes you’ll have a tasty protein feast ready to be devoured.


#1 Turkey

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Turkey sits at the top of your table at Christmas - but like a puppy, it should be for all-year round.

Turkey is a badass source of lean protein, with turkey breast containing under one grams of total fat for each three-ounce serving. Not only this but turkey tastes awesome, isn’t expensive and can be served in a multitude of ways.

To get the best from this awesome power food check out our famous Turkey burgers and taste why it’s number 1 on our list.

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