How to lose fat without losing your mind

How to lose fat without losing your mind

Barry Kerrigan |

One of the hardest things to do is loose weight especially as we age - its so easy to put it on !! We asked Larry this question to help understand with we need to do for fat loss , here is what he had to say ....

For fat loss , Yes we need calories in lower quantities, but we shouldn’t skimp on the quality. A calorie deficit shouldn’t mean a  nutrient deficiency .

While on a technical level , if we JUST want to lose weight, by all means drop your intake low, and forego quality, but if you remotely want to thrive, and not just survive in your fat loss phase , you’ll consider ensuring a nutrient surplus is always present even when in a calorie deficit.

Preserving muscle tissue should always be a goal, but when we look deeper at what adequate nutrition provides us, improving health should still be the main focus from our intake.

Protein - immune function , hair , skin & nails,
Fats - responsible for hormone production , cellular function , absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K)
Carbs - Fibre, main energy source , fuels the brain , kidneys , heart . Mood enhancement, thyroid function etc.

Micros - vitamins - minerals
Energy production, thyroid , immune function, cellular repair and growth, fluid balance, bone health, metabolism , disease prevention.

The above is the tip of the benefit ice berg when it comes to nutrient and calorie quality.

So when it comes to our nutritional choices theres a couple of factors we need to ensure are present along side the quality selection.

- enjoyment 
- taste
- texture
- visual appeal

Having a bright, tasty, colourful, varied plate will be key to you sticking to the plan for your goals while also providing that nutrient surplus we want to see in place.

Think plentiful with fruits and veggies for the colours, fibre , antioxidants

Fattier cuts of meats to ensure we hit our fat intake, along side nuts & seeds, egg yokes and butters , packed with minerals and nutrients to see us thrive. Most importantly , flavour. Pro tip….wagyu beef burgers… ticks all the boxes.

Then a side of carbs for topping up performance and glycogen levels for the hard sessions will endure.

While I want you for sure to include chocolate, some treats and the finer things in life, make sure that your intake compliments the desired outcome when balancing your plate and being in a deficit.

We’ll always suggest a broad balanced diet, where we consume sufficient proteins, fats, carbs and micros to hit your goal. When you drive down one of the above, you’ll also drive down the desired health outcomes too.  

The goal should always be the thrive , not just survive.