5 Team Sports You Have to Try

5 Team Sports You Have to Try

Barry Kerrigan |

Team sports are awesome. Whether you want to face a new challenge, get fit or just find some new mates, you need to join a team. But it doesn't have to be GAA or football! Here are 5 team sports you didn't know you wanted to join and are just brilliant.


Tag Rugby:

Rugby scares me. The thoughts of my quaint little ears turning into cauliflowers is genuinely one of my biggest nightmares. So for those of you who love the skills of rugby and a fast paced environment just minus the hitting part, tag rugby is for you! Not only is tag hard on the old lungs but it's definitely one of the most social sports Ireland has to offer. The Heineken tag rugby league (which is based around Ireland) cannot stress enough about the need for a fun and social environment when playing sports. What’s even better (for all you singletons out there), the tag rugby teams are mixed so it’s a great opportunity to do a bit of post-match mingling. So whether you’re in school, college or work try get out and give tag rugby a go, you won't regret it. You can join a local team or create your own with your mates, the choice is yours! You can register here!


Ultimate Frisbee:

Ultimate Frisbee has been booming in recent years, especially on the collegiate circuit. What’s great about ultimate frisbee is the fact that you don’t need to have an athletic background, you just need to be somewhat co-ordinated. Don’t be fooled though, it's a still a fast paced, competitive sport that will definitely get your heart racing, but thankfully they also like a bit of craic too! With the current rise in temperatures in Ireland now is the ideal time to take up try out frisbee, especially as there is loads of events going on this summer. If you want a bit of craic but also have the opportunity to progress in a team sport definitely consider it. You’d be surprised at the amount of clubs there are dotted around Ireland. You can find a local team here!



"Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge" is a quote we’re all familiar with. If not then you need to re-evaluate your film choices! Dodgeball is a game many of us played as kids during a vicious P.E session. Patches O’Houlihan will only be delighted to know that as a sport it's becoming ever more popular in his ancestors’ homeland. What’s not to love? It’s a fast paced, high intensity sport that allows you to throw things at people without risk of arrest. If you want to keep up your fitness, get rid of any anger inside of you and have a bit of fun whilst doing so, dodgeball is the sport for you. You can play indoor, outdoor and anywhere in between, once a court can be marked out you can play! Find a local club here.

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Roller Derby:

If you take a look at the video below, you may agree that roller derby looks pretty terrifying. Not only is it a full contact, action-packed, and fast paced sport but its all done on roller blades. So imagine an alt version of camogie, on roller blades, minus the sticks and that's what roller derby is! Even though it looks absolutely terrifying to watch, Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing women's sport in the world! The DRD (Dublin Roller Derby) is a league that has been going since 2009 and currently has 90 members. They also compete internationally are are often jetting off to Europe and the USA! If you want to add a bit of excitement into your life and don't mind a few knocks and tumbles then you need to give it a go. Check out the Dublin Roller Derby website here!



Its safe to say that rounders was one of my favourite games growing up. I remember that smug feeling of pride and joy when you stepped up to the bat and someone on the other team shouted "get back, this is going long!". When Eva in the office told me that softball was actually a thing in Ireland and there are teams all over the country I immediately thought of the opportunity to re-live my glory days. Softball, in simple terms, is a bat and ball team sport similar to baseball and played by both men and women. Despite the name of the sport, the ball is in fact not soft. It is actually quite a hard, solid, leather covered ball. Think a sloitar but bigger. The softball season starts in April and ends in September so it's perfect summer sport (when we have the weather of course!). The Softball league is also a co-ed league so it's perfect for a bit of socialising. If you're in the Leinster area, have a look for a team here.

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